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Wizsupports web chat is the most comrehansable and advanced in the market today. It is loaded with an endless number of features that provide an incredibly user-friendly experience for the agent and his superiors as well as the customer. The platform enables full chat transcriptions saved and sent to the CRM and helpdesk software, all can be based on a knowledge base and if needed, the system also includes our own CRM and ticketing systems.

Features List

Improve your sites performance by turning it into a live pro-active machine that responds to your clients` behavior in real-time while surfing your site. This application allows you to pre- define how your site will react to a given individual’s pattern of surfing. The application is simple to operate and requires no need for programing skills


ICR – (Interactive Chat Response), Virtual Chat with a built-in "Decision Tree Module" support decision simulation system. The system features a flattend IVR system with full integration to CRM/legacy systems in real time. A multi process system, that can allow to transparent escalation to a live representative when needed - all based on a Q&A knowledge base.

Virtual Chat

A Virtual chat module or a virtual agent is an integral part of the wizsupport system. Virtual chat to automatically answer and conduct chat session without the need for human operator. Can be used independitaly or as a replacement (After working hours and weekends) to live operators or in a "hybrid" form

OLM – Offline Messaging

Never lose a customer. Our OLM allows you to communicate with your customer any time. Un like on-line messaging, the message is not erased when one of the sides goes off-line but rather "waits" till picked up. Thus, this feature enables continuous call handling of all types of typed media, all the time/. Through this feature the system enables a representative to communicate in a variety of ways: chat Call via website, SMS, Email, PUSH messages to customize cellular applications and ticketing.


Exclusive to Wizsupport, the ICV (Interactive Chat Verification) system allows an agent to complete a whole process that includes document exchange and signing and/or receiving photos (ID cards or various things he can photograph using his mobile or PC camera) from the client, all in one go and during one chat or video chat conversation.

Web to Mobile features

A variety of Web-to-Mobile applications which enable you to use your mobile device to receive and conduct chats initiated from your web site or page.

Advanced security features

Due to our unique and advanced security features, we`ve developed a special line of products designed for banks, financial institutions and companies with the strictest security demands. All our systems and applications are designed and equipped with the most recent and advanced security features including on premise installation and a "private cloud" option.

Real time information and statistics

WizSupport provides you with a detailed and continuously updated picture of what is currently going on in your site as a whole. Our system also enables you to zoom in and follow each and every person visiting your site, find out his needs and interests and act on it in real time and last but not least, a wide range of statistics regarding your agents and your sales or support activity done through our system.

Active Online Sales and Support

WizSupport enables your salespeople to actively approach potential clients visiting your site, at the right time, while keeping track of their exact interests. Increase your sales significantly by directly communicating with your visitors - before they leave your site!

A specialised system for chat/contact centres

The most comprehensive and advanced system available today for chat centres. Specifically designed for chat sales and support centres, it is suitable for all kinds or sizes of contact/media centres. It can also be integrated into various existing call centres as a chat component.

Our Goals

* Lower TCO of customer engaement

* Multiple customer engagement simultaneously

* Real time performance analysis

* Routing calls by profiles and themes

* Optimization based ib structured set of links